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Learn to connect your breath with movement and move toward balance physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. By connecting and being mindful of our breath and movement, we learn to control our thoughts in order to slow down and refocus our energy. At Enlighten Yoga, we emphasize the essential role of the breath in achieving balance. On a physical level, we work to achieve this balance through strength and flexibility. We teach you this in our yoga classes in Charlotte, NC.

Guided Meditation Offers Gentle Direction

Yoga and meditation are two practices that work well together. The basic principles of yoga — that of slowing the breath and mind — are also the basics of meditation. Meditation is getting more and more attention in the media, as well as thumbs up from the medical community. The value of this practice is acknowledged widely as beneficial for the mind and body.

Mainly, meditation involves breathing deeply and slowly to calm the self and still the mind. In this time of stillness, you are in the present moment — not worrying about the future or regretting the past. When thoughts drift, or noises distract you, you just let them go and refocus your attention on the breath.

Often, it’s challenging for people to still their minds. This is why guided meditation helps. With someone gently directing the meditation, it’s easier to keep your mind on the breath

200 & 300 Hour Yoga Certification

Our studio teaches the teachers, as well as the students. We’re pleased and proud to train so many instructors, who, in turn, have their own students, extending this peaceful practice to others. We offer fellowship programs that require 200 or 300 hours, as well as prenatal yoga teacher certification. Ask us about our classes for guided meditation and teacher training.

What people are saying about Enlighten Yoga

Just a quick note to say thanks for your teaching these past few months, as well as your patience with my questions (and recommendation to see Nevin!).  Enlighten Yoga has become a wonderful oasis for me a few times a week.  While I felt confident that returning to yoga would help my migraines (which it has), I had no idea that it would also return me to a sense of my own self after a couple of years completely immersed in new motherhood.  So … thank you for that.

~ Myra

I have been practicing at Enlighten Yoga for almost 3 years. Being new to Yoga I was very nervous and not sure what to expect. I didn’t want to be the one the they looked at and said “what is she doing here?”. My fears were put to rest very quickly. The instructors have always been kind and encouraging. They have never made me feel like I don’t belong there. Yoga has changed not only my body but my attitude too. I always recommend Enlighten Yoga –  love their instructors!!

~ Brandi

Teacher training at Enlighten Yoga has changed my life in ways that I never dreamed possible.  I have had many teachers in my life, although Mara’s approach is one that inspires deep understanding and individual development through the eight limb path.  My perception of yoga has evolved from a knowledge of strictly asana, to yoga as a pathway that leads to personal growth and spiritual development.   I would not trade this experience for the world, and I am truly inspired by the amazing teachers and friends that I have met through this journey.

~ Desirae

I’d been “practicing yoga” for 2 years prior to visiting Enlighten Yoga.  I started at the YMCA – just to get a good stretch.  I lucked into finally attending a great instructor there – and realized how powerful yoga can be – and that it could become a great workout.  I realized I really had to pick and chose the teachers – there is an extremely wide variation of styles and teachers.

I tried a few studios – and seriously attended a different studio for about a year.  I got a real cardio workout there – but after most classes I felt like I got a great workout – but still needed to stretch.  That didn’t make sense to me…

I visited Enlighten Yoga for the first time in March of 2011.  I took a few classes after hearing good things from other yogis.  Very quickly I realized that every teacher was good (a rarity at any other studio I visited) – and the classes had  a great feel.  I started coming regularly in May 2011 – and learned that I could “get my yoga buzz” after every class.  I got a strong physical workout – while also learning more about the internal calm that comes with a great sequence taught by a great instructor.

What I like:
Consistent.  Teachers will give the same suggestions/corrections for poses.  I like the fact that the teachers are working off the same “playbook” for how a pose should be executed (whether your legs are in one line, or on railroad tracks in warrior 1; whether your back should be arched, or straight in chair pose, etc).

Even across the body:  I feel like every part of my body gets a good workout.  LOVE the arm asanas.  I practice them ALL the time.  I never walk out of there feeling like I need to stretch!

“Spiritual” part:  I started yoga for the stretch – then got into the workout – and pooh-poohed the idea of a spiritual thing.  I did feel relaxed after a good class – but wrote that off to having a good workout.  After a year at Enlighten Yoga – I learned more about “the rest of yoga” and the value of using your body to relax and open your mind.  (wow- that doesn’t sound like the hard-driving type A personality that I normally exude).  Hey – not sure how it works – but it works.  If you have a good teacher – and a regular practice – amazing things happen that end up making you happier. Enlighten Yoga did this for me.Teaching new yogis:  Awesome instruction for those new to yoga.  You learn the right technique – and still get a good workout.  Makes people want to learn more.  I still take the occasional “basic” class – and like the workout provided – and am reminded of the alignment.

Location:  Easy parking, easy to get to.  Can run errands before/after – Blakeney is an awful handy place.

Facility:  Is beautiful.  Can buy yoga stuff there – which is nice.

Special workshops:  Great opportunities to learn more about yoga.  Some fabulous instructors from the larger yoga community come here.

~ Kathy

I had been doing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for a few years on and off. A couple of years ago I decided to restart my Ashtanga practice. Enlighten Yoga and its talented and knowledgeable teachers helped transform me from doing yoga to becoming a practicing Ashtangi. This is a gift I get to carry with me for the rest of my life. Whatever your path, Enlighten Yoga offers a variety of classes for all levels and interests and you will meet many people to assist your practice.

To inspire its practitioners, Enlighten Yoga has redecorated its studio and feel is quite resounding! The feel is yogic and soothing with a wonderful energy!!!

~ Michael

I Love Enlighten Yoga. I feel like I am part of something big. I am part of a community. No matter what class I attend, I always feel welcomed by not only the instructors, but the students as well. I am greeted consistently and I have met a lot of great people. The practices are consistent and great.

~ Donah

Found a new home at Enlighten Yoga! The teachers and staff are amazing! Even though I can’t come as much as I used to due to taking on a full time job….I know whenever I can go I feel at home! You are all amazing people! NAMASTE!

~ Joan


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