Photo by Wanda Koch Photography

“Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand – relax.  If you relax, it comes.  If you relax, it is there.  If you relax, you start vibrating with it.”  Osho

Inherent in our looking for something is that it is missing.  We spend much of our time searching for our youth, for our memory, for some ultimate body shape, for patience, money, just to name a few.  These quests are all part of our ultimate goal ~ happiness.  In the midst of this pursuit, the one thing that we lose is time.  As we spend our time “looking for” something, we lose the very moment in front of us. 

All too often, we are hijacked by our conditioned thoughts, values, judgments and desires and as such we live tied to the past or the future.  We spend much of our lives in the bondage of this self-made illusion, grasping and clinging to it and giving it a sense of permanence, only to be disappointed when things in fact shift and change.

The trick is to find a way to meet ourselves where and how we are at any given moment.  Learning to live our lives deliberately, with non-judgmental awareness, allows us to embrace the gift of time.  Staring into the face of each moment and seeing the awesomeness and possibility that lies therein, even when that moment is not in synch with our hopes and desires, can help us to alleviate discord.  The understanding that life/yoga is where we are at the moment is an important aspect of settling into peace and happiness. 

As manifest beings living in a world of duality, we WILL face challenges.  Once we accept this, we learn that it’s not WHAT we go through in life, but HOW we go through it.  In part, this practice teaches us to live with grace.  Rather than resisting the inevitable, and searching outside of ourselves for things to MAKE us happy, we begin to question what it is we are doing that’s disturbing our own inherent happiness (more of a taking away rather than adding).

When we change our approach in our pursuit of peace and happiness, we learn that we hold all that we need within us.  Our consciousness, happiness and peace, lies in the space between the inhale and exhale ~ in each moment.  This shift in our perspective not only gives us the gift of time, allowing us to revel in each moment, but we also find that the very peace and happiness for which we were so desperately searching, magically appears. 

I wish for all of us the gift of time and a life of grace!