class descriptions

Classes Ranging from Beginner to Advanced

On a purely physical level, asana is a form of movement and as such we believe that it is important to teach not only the postures and alignments for postures, but also body mechanics and functional movement.  We understand that anatomy matters – we are all built differently and bring with us a variety of needs, concerns and/or injuries.  We set ourselves apart from other studios in that we strongly emphasize functional movement and help each practitioner design the practice to suit his/her body.  Beyond the asana practice, we have a strong focus on the practitioner’s connection with breath and relationship between breath and movement.  We strongly encourage single-pointed focus and concentration.


yoga for kids

With kids being exposed to stressors at such young ages, it is great to introduce them to yoga at a younger age. Join Shona and Katie as they create a fun and playful environment to work with kids ages 5-10. Yoga poses will be taught and made fun for all.

  • Improves Heart Function

  • Aids Regular Sleep Pattern
  • Helps Balance The Mind


alternative classes

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