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Delve deeper into the world of yoga with our 300-hour yoga training in Charlotte, NC. Through this comprehensive class, students will gain a clearer understanding of many aspects of yoga, including:


Once you participate and complete the requirements, you’ll earn your RYT 500 accreditation. This certification is vital to anyone who plans on teaching professional yoga classes. We want to see every student succeed, so we strive to ensure the modules and workshops we provide are engaging and informative.

Earn Your Certification

When you enroll in our training, you’ll have the freedom to choose the presenters and topics that appeal to you. There is a minimum requirement when it comes to specific studies and lead teachers. It’s important that you understand the core fundamentals of yoga as you branch out into more specific areas of interest. Equipping yourself with a wealth of knowledge will aid in your journey towards your 300-hour yoga certification.

Our program allows each student to customize the training and workshops according to his/her specific interests and schedule. Not only does this create a flexible learning plan for the student, but it also means you have a more financially feasible option, as you won’t have to pay a lump sum up front. As an additional benefit, you’ll have opportunities to be exposed to more topics, each one led by teachers who are experienced and knowledgeable in that particular field.

Unlock Your Potential

Here at Enlighten Yoga, we are continuously working to bring in world-renowned teachers, such as Kino Macgregor, Cora Wen, Desiree Rumbaugh, Doug Keller, and Greg Nardi, to name a few. Additionally, we employ accomplished local teachers, including Amani Murray (E-RYT 500 & RPYT 200), Shari Goldstein (E-RYT 500), and Marilyn Brown (E-RYT 500).

Depending on your chosen modules and workshops, this program can be completed within a 2-3 year period but may take less or more time for some students. However, to maintain a reasonable continuum of study, it is ideal to attain your certification within 4 years at most.

Teachers registered with Yoga Alliance as RYT-200, you will be required to complete a total of 270 contact hours (135 of which are with any of the lead teachers).

Contact us to apply for our 300-hour yoga training program. Please bring the application to our studio in Charlotte, North Carolina.


**** Application for Enlighten Yoga 300 hour Teacher Training Program ****

E-RYTs: E-RYT stands for Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. Like the RYT title, E-RYT is a Yoga Alliance classification. Yoga teachers who have accrued two years and 1,000 hours of teaching experience may register themselves E-RYT 200s, while those with four years and 2,000 hours of teaching under their belts may become E-RYT 500s (1,000 hours accumulated post RYT 500 status).

Teacher Affiliate Faculty: All teachers in our 300 RYS program are either documented as an E-RYT, or they have a minimum of 100 hours of education and experience in their particular subject of teaching.


Simply download, fill out and return the  application form (PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT APPLICATION ONLINE – PLEASE MAIL OR BRING IN TO THE STUDIO!!!), together with a $200 non-refundable deposit.

In the event that you have participated in workshops or teacher trainings at other yoga schools, you may apply ONLY ONE of these toward your hour/subject requirements for a maximum of 20 hours; provided that the relevant workshop/teacher training was part of that school’s 300 teacher training program and the school where you studied is registered and in good standing with Yoga Alliance.

Upon completion of your required hours and Modules, you will receive a RYT-300 Certificate from us, which combined with your 200 RYT certificate, will enable you to apply with Yoga Alliance to change your status to RYT 500.

Examples of 300 HOUR MODULES  
(effective as of January 1, 2015)


Students are required to choose 10 of the 13 Modules set forth below:

The Art of Sequencing
20 hours – contact with lead 
(Techniques 11, methodology 2, anatomy 4, practicum 3)

The Art of Touch (Assisting and Adjusting)
12 hours – contact with lead
 (Techniques 5, methodology 2, philosophy 1, practicum 4)

Ayurveda: Part 1
20 hours – contact with lead 
(Techniques 16, anatomy 2, practicum 2)
(Those who participated in our 200 RYS can enroll in Ayurveda: Part 2)
*Students will be asked to prepare a dosha-balancing class as homework.

Fundamentals of Anatomy – Deconstructing the Alignment Debate ~ Moving from Gross to Subtle
20 hours – contact with lead
 (Techniques 12, methodology 3, practicum 2)
(This subject may also be taught by a visiting presenter in which case hours would not be lead hours).

The Inner Life (Exploring the Energetic Body)
20 hours – contact with lead 
(Techniques 8, methodology 5, anatomy 3, philosophy 2, practicum 2)
*Students will be asked to prepare a chakra-balancing class.

Yoga Philosophy
20 hours – contact with lead
 (Philosophy 20)
(These hours will be offered over two or more weekends, some of which will be taught by visiting presenters).

Meditation and Pranayama
15 hours – contact with lead
 (Techniques 9, philosophy 3, practicum 3)

20 hours – contact with lead 
(Techniques 13, Methodology 2, anatomy 3, practicum 2)

The Yin Yoga Experience
15 hours – contact with lead 
(Techniques 5, methodology 5, anatomy 3, practicum 2)
(This subject may also be taught by a visiting presenter in which case the hours would not be lead hours).

Yoga Anatomy
20 hours – contact with lead

Yoga for Athletes (Parts 1 and 2)
20 hours each – contact with lead 
(Techniques 6, methodology 6, anatomy 4, practicum 4)

Yoga for Restorative and Emotional Well-Being
20 hours – contact with lead
 (Techniques 11, methodology 2, anatomy 4, philosophy 2, practicum 3)

Each teacher reserves the right to include any other assignments as part of his/her curriculum.

The above Modules offer 

242 contact hours (all of which are lead contact hours if all of the above modules are taught by the lead teachers – Shari, Amani, Marilyn and Cora).  Keep in mind that students are only required to choose 10 of the above Modules – the remaining hours needed can be satisfied through studying with visiting teachers

Additional modules will be offered for the remaining contact hours required.  Additional presenters include, but are not limited to:
Doug Keller, E-RYT 500 (Techniques, anatomy, philosophy and practicum)
Hilary Kossack (E-RYT 500 pending) (Techniques, methodology and practicum)
Kino Macgregor, E-RYT 500 (Techniques and practicum)
Greg Nardi, E-RYT 500 (Yoga Philosophy)
Desiree Rumbaugh, E-RYT 500 (Techniques and practicum)

Students will be asked to choose one of the following topics and to prepare a written report:
The Bhagavad Gita – choosing one or more topics that resonate with the student.
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – students can choose one or more sutras on which to expound.
The Kleshas – discuss and explain.
The role of a yoga teacher and the importance of lineage and tradition.

Please see Workshops for dates of Modules and more details!