Photo by Wanda Koch

“You are already everything you may hope to attain…  You are already it.  It is already here…Here is already everywhere and now is already always.”  Jon Kabat-Zinn.

It can be challenging for many of us to believe that we can find that for which we are looking by non-doing.  There is no timeframe, there is no right time to start, there is no beginning or end, no space or time, there is no formula for cultivating or finding IT.

We are never without IT, IT is always there.  We cannot change IT or ruin IT.  We do not need to cultivate IT.  IT courses through our very being, IT is our very essence, IT is our natural state ~ awesome, pure, never-changing, blissful, luminous.  We are IT and IT is us.

Perhaps part of the problem lies in the fact that we are rewarded for our efforts ~ being better, stronger, faster, working harder.  We live with our lists of tasks and goals, checking them off upon completion and then moving on to the next.  A frantic whirlwind of efforting and grasping at achievements and shying away from failures.

We create this frenetic reality in which we live, and though it is nothing more than a self-made and impermanent fiction, we grasp to it for our truth.  We fall prey to our habits, patterns, false identifications and live our lives on auto-pilot.  We fail to take accountability for life as it unfolds. Instead, we convince ourselves that this is simply who we ARE, that our thoughts, words and actions are a justified result of our experiences and all that happens TO us.  And so the cycle continues, we hold tighter to this false identity, and in turn the way we experience the world is further tainted, adding to our fictional story and further convincing us that we are correct in our belief. 

We hold so tightly to this belief, that we lose sight of the experience. Our senses run rampant; our sense of self is built on a variety of attachments and aversions and associations; busy-ness courses through our minds as if carried by electrical currents; our discriminative faculty is clouded and our persona becomes built on a stack of latent impressions akin to a straw man fallacy.  

Eventually, fatigued and unhappy, never seeming to get to where we want to be, we begin to question our lives, how to live them and who we are.  All of our efforting and busy-ness prevents us from seeing that our very nature is IT ~ THAT which we seek.  When we wake up to our lives and stop feeding the turbulence, we start to live intentionally and become more discerning in our choices.  

We are whole, we are peaceful, we are luminous.  No matter what unfolds, there is more right with us than is wrong and there is great value in allowing ourselves to be who we are, where we are in each moment.  Jon Kabat-Zinn says that “the best way to get somewhere is to let go of trying to get anywhere at all.”   We only have this moment, and in each moment we are vibrating with IT.  You are THAT!  You are IT!