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Workshops & Events

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Learn how to better connect your mind and body at Enlighten Yoga. In addition to our weekly classes available to students of all levels, we are happy to offer unique yoga workshops in Charlotte, NC. With focuses ranging from strength training to relaxation, our special events are intended to promote and provide a special concentration based on what you’re seeking out of your yoga experience.

Weekend yoga workshops are great for students who are unavailable during the week or are seeking advance their skill with renowned yoga teachers. That’s when we bring in well-known guest instructors who can offer you new or deeper insights into your practice. We’ve earned a reputation as the premier yoga studio in town in part by having so much to offer yoga practitioners at all levels.

Our studio offers classes at all levels, from beginner to intermediate and advanced, and even for those who are teachers or who want to take the training. In addition, we offer teacher certification. Call or email us for details on classes and workshops.

From the teachers to the students, everyone here is passionate about yoga. At all levels, this practice teaches us to bring breath and movement together for harmony and balance. Take a look at our schedule for workshops and events that strengthen your practice.